Dark and twisted was the world of Erralain filled with an ever consuming darkness and pestilence that feeds off of the light. It spread quickly covering the dwindling old growth forests that spanned the primeval continent turning them twisted and dark. People and sentient creatures alike had begun to leave, fleeing to the land across the sea in hopes of escaping this consuming plague. At the origin of this ever expanding death is a castle surrounded by a sea of rubble and destruction that was once the shining capital of Erralain, Lunathalla. That was less than a year ago, soon creatures and monsters of evil and darkness started to crawl out of their pits and caves, flocking to the ruined capital. On the winds there was speak of a great evil residing in the broken down castle, and with that those men and women of a braver caliber began to come forth to combat this evil and return the land back to its former glory. Many heroes fell during the next three years but like a phoenix rises from the ashes, a new group of heroes rose from the many fallen. This group of powerful heroes and adventurers fought through the darkness and monsters with tooth and nail to the center of the capital and what they found was a creature of pure malice and evil stuck inside of an enchanted mirror, the beast was twisted in anger and pain, and reeked of darkness, stuck somewhere between reality and imagination. The heroes brought the fight to it and managed to drive the thing into the mirror and back to whatever twisted realm it came from. However in doing so the heroes were destroyed from the epic confrontation. As soon as the news of the defeated monster spread, surviving heroes from across Erralain came flocking to the capital to drive the remaining monsters away and start to rebuild the country, soon Erralain’s forests began purify themselves again and the world started to become clean again. Though the capital to this day is still uninhabitable, it serves as a reminder of the horrors and dark times all those years ago.


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